Blue Duraji


It seems that people still didn't really understand what the concept of an anthroid was, or what is considered so cool about it. Well, check this picture out!

The sheer detail of this all, not to mention all the realistic components that you could expect a lifelike robotic being to have makes this more than an amazingly wonderful addition to the collection of pictures for my biggest kink! Mrr...

EDIT: Hopefully the link will work now.
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TFWB, Korrok, Caramel Kitteh, Micah, Syleria, DarkBloodWyvern, Water Raccoon

Chubby Chasers   Content: Fat
by TFWB...
OK so that is not the file name... but the picture demanded it...

Voluptuous Vixen Content: Fat
by Korrok
Is there a trend?  Did I miss something?  I'm really not on this boat.  Voluptuous, yes - a few extra cushions, yes - but this is... kinda beyond my capacity for appreciation.
That's just me.  Obviously someone likes it or it wouldn't be drawn, yeah?

Parfait and Knives 5   Content: M/F
by Caramel Kitteh
you can say this is when Parfait noticed Knives had 2 penises
Why yes, yes you can say that.

Jam1   Content: F
Also by Caramel Kitteh
What is the wrench for?

Lutratentacles   Content: Tentacles
by Micah
Micah Fennec's always good for this community.  ;)

Dogs.jpg   Content: Bondage, Bestiality (yes it is)
Also by Micah
Like I said... Micah... Oh yeah baby.

San Claw (F)   Content: Hyperdeveloped Herm
by Syleria
Appears to be one of Doug's would-be apprentices.  And I mean that in the best possible way.  ;)

Making Santorum   Content: M/M, Size Difference
by DarkBloodWyvern
I would have some smarmy commentary but I am too busy drooling.

Aryal Hokituk Play   Content: Jelly.
by Water Raccoon
No, seriously.  Jelly.
Kittens +  Grenade

WTF, WTF, Yum, WTF & Yum

Content: Eggs
Author: MicahFennec

Content: Ribbony tentacle things... **Blood**
Author: The Inimical Priest
... Buh?

Content: M/F/M
Author:Sharue Silvermoon
There should be a "cock from nowhere" portfolio. And yes, I'd do it, if I could finish anything I started. ;P

Author: Wolfenfury
The "WTF" department is jumping today, I see. I would ask Why, GOD Why, but I really am not certain I want to know.

Never fear, there is a nice one to follow:

Content: Bondage
Author: Kari Korthals
Anatomy - a little awkward. But, A+ for effort, and niiiice coloring!
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