Chris Sawyer (chrissawyer) wrote in vcl_kink,
Chris Sawyer

Call this "Erotic Dressage."

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oooh, those are tasty! Thank you for sharing!
Thanks Jackel!

Your art is really cool. :)
These are wickedly awesome!
He makes a great pet. ;)
Dang. I don't even like equines as a general rule, but I like these pictures because they're that awesome. Well done!
Mmmm, hot! Great work, as always. :D I really like these because you don't usually see humans with furries, plus this is a rider and her horse.
Seconded; funny, I was just reading an article last night on furry artwork that mentioned how "anthros are almost always pictured with other anthros, never humans" and remember thinking, "almost always? I've never seen a piece that involved both an anthro and a human". And then this pops up. XD

To Chris: as everyone else said, wonderful work! Also the first time I've seen giant-penis artwork that was actually pretty and hot, rather than crude and pointless-seeming. That sure must be fun to cuddle. XD
Thanks for the comments guys! :)

Suspended comment

If you really feel you have to alter my artwork, I can't do much else but ask you to stop.

But don't you dare post it online.
dang. that's hot. D=